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Monday, July 28, 2008

Designer Cities: The Development Of the Superstar Urban Plan

Zaha Hadid has begun redesigning the rundown industrial city of Kartal, Turkey; Rem Koolhaas is designing Waterfront City, Dubai; Daniel Libeskind is designing the downtown of Orestad, a five-kilometer-long urban area south of Copenhagen; David Chipperfield won a competition in March to create a plan for a new art and technology quarter in Segovia, Spain; ... "We are seeing an emergence of a new industry," says Dennis Frenchman, director of the city design and development program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's urban-studies department. "It's not real-estate development; it's not architecture; it's not city planning. All I can do is name it 'the city-building industry.'" Wall Street Journal | CITY PLANNING THROUGH HISTORY: pg 1, pg 2


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